What are Toe Tags?

Toe Tags were developed to help hunters easily and conveniently tag waterfowl, migratory game birds, and general game animals to help be in compliance with the Federal Migratory Game Bird Treaty Act of 1918, as well as state and local guidelines.

Learn more about our story – from a successful outfitter targeted by undercover Federal agents, to the legal battle, to how we help thousands of hunters and outfitters stay compliant today. And listen to the compelling podcast series, “The Warden”, courtesy of Rocky Leflore and The End of the Line Podcast. 

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The products offered by Toe Tags LLC are intended to assist hunters to be in compliance with federal migratory bird laws. All hunters are encouraged to consult state and local laws specific to their hunting area to ensure compliance and determine whether any additional tagging or compliance requirements exist.


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Field regulations / rules

The Federal Migratory Game Bird Treaty applies in all 50 states and Canada. Tagging requirements are also applicable to hunters traveling across international boundaries in possession of migratory game birds. Individual states may impose additional tagging requirements than those required by federal law. Be sure to check with your local enforcement agencies to ensure compliance.


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